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If you thinks that Jake (aka American Dragon) and Rose (aka Huntgirl) from "Disney Channel's American Dragon Jake Long" show is the perfect couple for the show then this is the right group for you!

Witness one of the best Disney's Forbidden Love ever create for Disney Channel!
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Mar 22, 2011


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I know that it seems like every time we begin a club contest, it always failed. . .but the reason that I'm thinking of one now is not because of another 1 year celebration of this club. . .but also a special event that will be in January 2015. . .the year that Disney Channel's "American Dragon: Jake Long" turns 10 YEARS since it first airs!!

If most of you are up for it, the contest might be a 10 Years Celebration group collab theme (mostly with Jake and Rose in there, of course)
So I also hope for some good contest prizes as well!
If you want to donate art/fanart requests, features, llama badges, points, PM, ETC. . .PLEASE let me know in this blog!

If we have enough YES for this, this contest might start soon with the deadline near the end of this year so that the winners will be revealed around the day this wonderful series turned 10!

What's your thoughts?!
Today marked 3 YEARS since this fanclub was made on DA!!

The day when this Disney Channel's American Dragon: Jake Long-based fanclub of the well-known couple, Jake and Rose came to be (and so far the only kind of American Dragon based fanclub like this)

So sorry that its not as popular as it used to be!
We barely get new members/watchers from time to time. . .but at least there still some new fanart stuff of them submitting every once in a while. . .

Do you hope that it will someday return?

Happy 3 YEARS :iconjakexrose: club!!
Hope for many more. . .no matter how unpopular it gets LOL >_<
First off, sorry that it been a while since the last blog. . .there just nothing to report that involved with American Dragon (sadly)

Anyways, there finally a NEW DA fanclub based on our favorite Disney Channel series!
REMEMBER that its a NEW club. . .so if you couldn't get in for some odd reason. . .be patience. . .
Unless most of you wanted a extent deadline, I guess since no one enter any entries in the club contest, "If There's a Season Three. . .", I guess it will be cancel until another time!

I'm sorry that this club is not as popular as it used to be!
Even though it shows that we're almost going to have 100 members and 112 watchers. . .we really got 28, close to 30 members and 15 watchers. . .
I guess maybe it still count the members/watchers that either decide to deactive their DA pages or got banned from DA!
And there was some that left the club! (No hard feelings)

If anything NEW involving with "American Dragon: Jake Long" will pop up later on. . .I'll let you know. . .or you'll let me know if you hear it first and I'll spread the word here in this club LOL

Thanks for reading!

Just a contest reminder that the deadline for this club's contest "If There's a Season Three. . ." is now somewhere NEXT MONTH!

If you're a new member and have no idea what I'm talking about, here the club blog about it…
If we don't get enough entries by the time the deadline reached, then I'll have no choice but to cancel the contest!

I'm sorry if this club is not as popular as it used to be!

At least it still playing re-runs somewhere on Disney Channel with some other old ones. . .I think. . .
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Same as the club's gallery, only favorites that have to do with Jake and Rose from the American Dragon Jake Long show!
Other characters from the show will also be added to different folders!
Jake x Rose Fan Button (Request) by Kyuubi-DemonFox


OC Longs


Groups that have to do with
*American Dragon Jake Long series
*Disney and Disney Channel
*Video Games
*The voice actors (like Dante Basco and Mae Whitman, the voices of Jake and Rose)
and many more!

WELCOME to JakeXRose (AmericanDragonXHuntgirl) Fanclub!

If you believe that Jake and Rose from Disney Channel's American Dragon Jake Long should be together then this is the club for you!
No one had did it yet so I though why not I be the first to do a fanclub about it!
I thought this love between Jake and Rose is different then most true love couple in Disney Channel history.
One of the great Disney forbidden love ever to create for a Disney Channel show!
Two people from two different sides, both got a double-life with LOTS of choices and secrets to deal with and against each other!
Lovers or Rivals by sprinterz
When Disney Channel's American Dragon Jake Long first came on during the year 2005 to 2007 (only two seasons), Jake Long first got a crush on Rose since he first met her at school on the very first episode of the series. They first started out as great friends (even though Jake wishes that they could be more than friends someday).
But what they didn't realize that they also met in a different life. . .as enemies.
Jake is known as American Dragon that protects magical creatures that secretly live in New York City. Rose is known as Huntgirl who's part of a dark group called Huntclan that captured magical creatures for experients and other used, steals rare items, and slay dragons.
Jake was the first to discovered this during a school's field trip and was heart-broken that the girl that he falling for is also one of his arch-foes. When Rose later discovered this by almost slaying him (couple of episodes later at the last one of the first season), she's torn between her alliance with the Huntclan and the love for Jake, confused of what is really right. And that's when the first season ends.
During the second season, after discovering a lot of dark secrets that the Huntclan is keeping from her, Rose begin to help Jake and his friends with secrets of what the Huntclan might do now and then, making her a Huntclan traitor.
What will really happen between them. . .you just need to watch the show to find out yourselves! I don't want to spoil the fun to those who just heard about this!>_<

So far (until further noticed), there's only two seasons of American Dragon Jake Long!
21 episodes in the first season and 31 episodes in the second season.
Nothing about making a first-ever movie yet (I WISH! DO YOU?)
Season One: January 21, 2005 - January 29, 2006
Season Two: June 10, 2007 - September 1, 2007
*Crossover Appearances*
Jake, Spud, Trixie, Lao Shi, and Fu Dog made a guest appearance in the Lilo & Stitch The Series episode Morpholomew on July 1, 2005.
In that episode they had their Season 1 looks through this crossover.

From Jeff Goode, the creator of the hit Mtv Undressed, unveils the funny, fantastic action-packed adventures Disney's American Dragon: Jake Long. It's a coming of action/comedy about an Asian-American boy trying to find balance in his life as a skateboard New York City teen who is also entrusted with the mystical powers of the American Dragon, guardian of all magical creatures that secretly live amidst the human world. The series is produced by Walt Disney Television Animation. "It's a great comedy/action show that I think you and all the other Disney animation fans are really going to love. And it's a bit different than anything Disney has done before. They're 22-minute stories, which is a different storytelling format for us." - Jeff Goode Written by
Directed by Chris Sanders

American Dragon: Jake Long is an American animated television series produced by Walt Disney Television Animation. It premiered on Disney Channel January 21, 2005 and became discontinued on September 1, 2007.
The show currently airs on Disney XD in the United States and Canada.
In the United Kingdom it originally aired on Disney Channel, but has now moved to Disney XD and airs on Disney Channel in Australia and Mexico.

#INFO on Jake and Rose#
2nd Season by dannyandoxeld Burn, Babeh, Burn by HybridAlchemist
*Jacob "Jake" Luke Long/American Dragon (Voiced by Dante Basco)*
Jake is a proud and lazy yet kind and loyal thirteen-year-old (fourteen years old in the second season) skateboarder who is, in secret, a dragon.
He uses his duties as a dragon to help defend the underground magical world of New York City, while continuing his training into becoming the first American Dragon.
He's initially a very big show off and lacks in his responsibilities, but when it really matters, he always displays a strong sense of responsibility and maturity.
Jake is famous for being the second dragon to survive an encounter with the Dark Dragon and the first to do so twice.
Due to this and his other adventures, Jake becomes a popular and well-known figure in the magical world. His catchphrase is "Awww Man".
By the end of the series, Jake graduates from Millard Fillmore Middle School and he is dating Rose, whom he has really strong, enduring romantic feelings for.
ADJL: Rose by Ann-Nick Huntgirl by InkArtWriter
*Rose/Huntsgirl (Voiced by Mae Whitman)*
Rose is Jake's huge crush and is also part of the Huntsclan, a clan that wants to destroy magical creatures, like Jake as a dragon. Rose is the Huntsgirl and needs to kill the American dragon to become part of the Huntsclan.
Rose has a Chinese dragon-shaped birthmark on her hand to show that she is part of the Huntsclan, which was revealed in the episode The Ski Trip, when Jake realizes that Huntsgirl and Rose is the same person with the same tattoo, he disappointingly dumps her at the end of the episode.
Later on in the series, Rose finds out that Jake is the American Dragon, and since then, she starts helping him, but still trying to show that she still "hates and despises" him.
In the episode, Dreamscape, Rose finds out that she has a mother, a father, and an unnamed identical twin sister but she was taken away by the Huntsclan because she has the Chinese dragon-shaped birthmark on her left wrist and hand, which is referred to as "the Mark of the Huntsclan."
Throughout the entire series, she develops very strong romantic feelings for Jake, despite him being a dragon, and later, works as a double-agent because of them.
In order to protect her true romance lover, Jake, she destroys all of the Huntsclan though it would kill her as well, but Jake is able to save her and make it so she never was taken as a baby. As a result she loses her memory of him and moves to Hong Kong,China, with her parents.
But in the series finale,"Hong Kong Longs," after seeing a photo of them at a dance with their arms romantically around each other, part of her memory returns, and she aids Jake against the Dark Dragon, and the two apparently get back together and begin to date as a couple.
Jake Long -Me and My Friends- by DonPapi
Dante Basco -- Jake Long*
Charlie Finn -- Spud
Miss Kittie -- Trixie Carter
Keone Young -- Jake's Grandpa
John Di Maggio -- Fu Dog
Jeff Bennett -- Jake's Father/Huntmaster
Amy Bruckner -- Haley Long
Matt Nolan -- Brad
Paul Rugg -- Professor Rotwood
Lauren Tom -- Jake's Mother
Mae Whitman -- Rose*
Dee Bradley Baker -- Leprechaun Brocamas
Tara Strong -- Cheerleader Stacey
Adam Wylie -- Banana B
Nicholas Brendon -- Huntboy #88
Kyle Massey -- Huntboy #89
Sandra Oh -- Sun Park
Susanne Blakeslee -- Principal Derceto
Rob Paulsen -- Boy in Wizard Costume
Clarence Williams III -- Councilor Andam
Edie McClurg -- Tooth Fairy
Kari Wahlgren -- Silver
Clancy Brown -- Dark Dragon
Jonathan Freeman -- Eli Excelsior Pandarus
T'Keyah Crystal Keymh -- Marsha Brubert
Liliana Mumy -- Olivia
Monty Hall -- Himself
Macy Gray -- Trixie's Grandmother
Jennifer Hale -- Stage Manager
Phil Morris -- Col. Hank Carter
Hynden Walch -- Euryale
Mindy Sterling -- Mrs. Grumplestock
Jessica Di Cicco -- Danika Honeycut
Grey DeLisle and many more!

According to a Disney book called Disney Song Encyclopedia, "American Dragon” is the hard-rock number by Perry LaMarca that serves as the theme song for the second and succeeding seasons of the animated adventure series American Dragon: Jake Long (I think the Jonas Brothers play the theme in the second season don't know who plays the theme in the first season yet)

BUT. . .until then you could watch episodes from both first and second seasons on Check it out!

So far, there's only two video games ever made:
American Dragon Jake Long: Rise of the Huntclan (GBA)
American Dragon Jake Long: Attack of the Dark Dragon (DS)
Both of those video games came out on October 12, 2006
Nothing else new yet!

*There's also some comics of American Dragon Jake Long from some Disney magazines called Disney Adventures magazines (stop making the magazines around 2008)
*Jeff Goode has written two children's books about American Dragon which were released in 2003 and 2004 - before the initial TV show started airing.
American Dragon Book 1: The Dragon Hunter (April 1, 2004)
American Dragon Book 2: The Gnome Eater (May 1, 2004)

Dante Basco Jake Long by DonPapi Recognize For Goodness Sake... by NY-Stray
About him:…

Mae Whitman Rose the Huntsgirl by DonPapi $ 30 Color -Rose- by DonPapi


:iconamericandragonfans: :icontheamdragon: :iconamericandragonocs: :iconyoung-genius: :iconhuntsclanfans: :iconaskthemagicalworld: :iconhaleylongfanclub:
:icondisneydragons: :icondisneycouples: :iconspyroandamdrag: :icondisney-couples-love:
:iconproud-2-be: :iconzukokatara-jakerose:
and many more!
Any other related DA fanclubs that I don't know about PLEASE let me know!
Check out other related-DA fanclubs on the club's affiliate list! The ones that I listed here is known to hold American Dragon Jake Long fanart (that I know of)!
Don't You DARE Touch Her by InkArtWriter
Hate to sounds like a school teacher, a Hunt-Leader or a Dragon Master. . .but this club got rules that I hope you follow and respect if you want to be a member or watcher of this club. . .

*Keep it G - High PG! Nothing to bloody and gorely like a huge major battle. No nudity not even rasist sexist, or vulgarin anyway! Keep it the same rating as the show! There's kids here as well!
Treats the character with respect! Nothing dump and stupid like drawing someone blow-up and fat if you know what I mean! Any kind of fanart like that will be denied right away!
You could also do written fan-stories and fan-comics (like what if there is a third season) as long as it the SAME rating as the show!

*NO foul bad nasty languages not even in comments and art titles!
I hate foul mouths! You didn't hear and see any in the show so I don't want to see and hear anything bad cursed words in this club!
If you don't like that then to bad for you!

* NO art theft (unless you got permission)
I hate crooks that steals ideas just to make their art look better! Unless you got permission from the artist himself/herself. . .NO STEALING!
We got to protect ourselves from robbers and hackers that want to steal us blind like the Huntclan trying to steal magical goods for their evil purpose!

*Crossover art is now allowed as long as Jake and/or Rose is in it (and not far off in the distance)!
At first I was against it until I saw some neat ideas on DeviantART! So keep it simple please!

*NO OC characters unless they with Jake and/or Rose!
Without them, it will be denied!

*NO other pairings that have nothing to do with Jake and Rose!
So sorry JakeXRon and other kind of pairing fans out there!
And if you got a JakeXRose pairing drawing. . .just make it simple like holding hands, a simple hug, and maybe a simple kiss. . .not all of that extreme passion if you know what I mean! There's kids here as well! We want to keep it clean and simple!

*Even though this American Dragon Jake Long fanclub is mostly about Jake and Rose. . .simple drawings of other characters from the show is also allowed as long as you put them in the right folder (PLEASE read the club folder list before submitting anything! READ BELOW for more).

*Sumbit art to the right folder PLEASE! Read the folder list before you submit anything in this club! If you're confused then asked me and I'll tell you right away where goes in where!
American Dragon gone GTA:IV by SPRacersDragon
Here's the club's folder list below. . .

*Jake Long (American Dragon) Folder*
A folder that only holds fanart of JUST Jake Long as himself and as the American Dragon, Guardian of NYC and many other places in America! According to the series, he was thirteen when he started on his dragon training with his grandfather and dog friend, Fu Dog.
He gone through many adventures and battles through out the series! Learning something new everyday!

*Rose (Huntgirl) Folder*
A folder that holds fanart of JUST Rose as herself and as Huntgirl, one of the Huntmaster's loyal servant of the Huntclan.
According to the series, Rose was stolen from her parents when she was just a newborn (Rose discovered this later because she thought her family have gave her up) just because she bare a brithmark of a dragon on her hand and have been in training to be a Huntclan warrior since, thinking that dragons are just stupid scalely fire-breathing winged-lizards that cause trouble. . .until she mets Jake and found out what dragons really is about.

*Jake AND Rose (American Dragon AND Huntgirl) Folder*
A folder that holds fanart of just Jake and Rose together.
As friends, enemies, and/or lovers.
NO extreme making out if you know what I mean! Keep it clean and simple!

*OC Longs Folder*
A folder that holds fan-made art of OCs characters with Jake and/or Rose!
OCs of new friends/enemies that Jake and/or Rose will met in fan-stories
OCs that could be son/daughter/children of Jake and Rose in the future or new OC friends!
JUST OC of the kids is ok (as long as you descibe them as kids of Jake and Rose) but other OC fanart WITHOUT Jake and/or Rose will be denied!

*Group (Little of BOTH Worlds) Folder*
A folder that holds fanart of Jake and Rose in a group pic!
As long as either Jake and/or Rose is in that group pic that have to do with the series!
The kind of group pics could be up to two and/or more people with Jake and/or Rose in it!

*Good Guys (Jake's World) Folder*
A folder that holds fanart of other simple characters from the American Dragon Jake Long series that belongs on the good side.
From Jake's family and friends to allies and other people and creatures that he helped.
If you just had one simple drawing like JUST Haley Long for an example, it belongs here in this folder!

*Bad Guys (Rose's World) Folder*
A folder that holds fanart of other characters from the American Dragon Jake Long series that belongs on the bad side.
From Huntmaster and the Huntclan to other villains and bad guys that's known in the show!
If you had one simple drawing like JUST Huntmaster for example then it belongs here in this folder!

*Crossover Folder*
A folder that holds fanart of characters from the American Dragon Jake Long cartoon meeting with different characters from many different movies, shows, games, etc.
As long as Jake, Rose, and/or other characters from the American Dragon Jake Long show is in it! >_<

*American Dragon's Year of the Dragon Folder*
The folder that only hold fanart of The American Dragon, Jake and/or Rose and/or others from that series that have to do with The Year of the Dragon (past and future)
1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024, 2036, 2048, 2060, 2072, 2084, 2096, 2108, 2120, etc

*Contest Entries Folder*
A folder that holds fanart for art contests that might happen here in this club!
"If There's a Season Three. . ." contest
DEADLINE: August 12

*Past Entries Folder*
The only folder that holds past entries of past contests that once held in this club!
"Year of the American Dragon 2012" contest (cancelled from lack of entries)
American Dragon -Sketches- by DonPapi
Break most of the rules and you're be OUT of this club FOREVER (echo echo echo)
There's maybe a second chance if you're very sorry. . .but valued that second chance if I was you. . .because if you misplace it. . .I won't give you another!

Any questions about this club asked me, The Founder Dragon (HEHEHE)!
From the founder and fellow artist and American Dragon Jake Long fan,
The Founder Dragon of this club! >_<





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Sure thing!

Glad that there's finally another new DA club of this series

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I don't know if anyone is still paying attention to this thread, but in case they are, i made this video on youtube [link]
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InkArtWriter Feb 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It is official. . .
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Can I add here all my JakeXRose drawings?
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